Ok, I’ll tell you

Posted in Feminism, Misogyny by Dizzy on June 9, 2007

The answer* to the question previously posed is this:

A bunch of skeevy old men whack off to an underage girl’s MySpace page and then harass her in public. Somehow, this is entirely her fault. It’s up to her to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Like I’ve said before, women are entirely responsible for both causing and changing mens’ bad behavior. God I hate that message, and I sure wish it weren’t EVERYWHERE, including these goddammed Public Service Announcements.

This poor little girl gets verbally assaulted by a number of men in public and is expected to take full responsibility for it. As if having an internet presence automatically makes a girl fair game for whatever kind of hateful shit gets thrown at her by pedophiles. As if she asked for it! by simply existing in a virtual space shared with anonymous men. Please. Nevermind that the old football coach is checking out a 14 year old girl’s photos and then yelling at her across the field about her tattoo – the only problem with that, apparently, is that she should never have let that happen.

Imagine a campaign that addressed physical and verbal violence against women by actually targeting the men who commit the violence! What a freaking concept.

Oh wait, there is one. (And only one, far as I can tell)

(If you can’t read the bottom, it says: If you have sex without consent you could end up going to prison, for rape. If you don’t get a yes, don’t have sex.)

Okay, so here we are talking to men instead of to women about preventing rape. How novel!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Why’s that? According to this message:

1. A woman is a body, her body is a place, and her vagina is something to be entered.
2. Men need to protect themselves against rape allegations, because going to prison is a bad thing.
3. Sex without consent may not be rape, but you could go to jail for rape anyway.

This ad doesn’t suggest that women are real live people with feelings that suffer serious trauma when their ‘No’ isn’t taken seriously and who really don’t want you to rape them. It doesn’t even imply that rape is wrong.

So this is what I get for demanding a PSA geared toward men – something that effectively issues a tidy, patriarchy-approved warning to the Dudes of the world: These hot chicks you sleep with are dangerous little bitches, so be careful.


*Kudos to the boyfriend – you got it right baby! Of course you had to follow it up with “but you can’t control boys, so…” which completely negated all the feminist goodwill you had acquired.

**Little of what I said in this post hasn’t been said before by Twisty and the insightful commenters at IPTB.


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